Restaurant/Pizzeria le “C4”

Open from 04/13 to 09/22/2019

The restaurant / pizzeria the ” C4 “ is located at the other end of the Bastide where your house is located, and three floors below. This amazing room, at the lowest level of the building, has been converted into a restaurant.

It is mainly used during warm season.

During the high season, you will love the outside terrace. Under the shadow of a giant pinetree, you will enjoy an exceptional view of the surroundings.

Limestone cliffs above the Chassezac river

The fire crackles in the oven… . cicadas singing in the sweetness of the afternoon.
It’s time to choose what you eat : Pizza , grilled meats, Full menu ????
Take time to think and choose … .
Enjoy aniseed drink, fruit juice or Ardèche mineral water…

Smile … you are on vacation !!!! Discover the story of Edward Bastide

To contact Us : +33 44 75 39 35 33